Final DARE assessment report and associated mapbooks:

DARE Results Summary

DARE Brook Trout Mapbook

DARE Brown Trout Mapbook

DARE Sculpin Species Mapbook

DARE Smallmouth Bass Mapbook

DARE Longnose Dace Mapbook

Assessments and reports are completed for all the Midwest partnerships and can be found at:


"Downstream Strategies conducts Driftless Area fish habitat condition assessment."

Downstreams Strategies, an environmental consulting firm based out of Morgontown, West Virginia conducted fish habitat condition assessments for five Midwestern fish habitat partnerships (FHPs) including the Driftless Area Restoration Effort.

The consulting assissted FHPs determine top natural and anthropogenic stressors influencing fish assemblages, guilds, abundance/distribution of fish, mussel, or invertebrate species, using a CART modeling approach.

Five fish species were selected for the DARE modeling project. Target species included: brook trout, brown trout, mottled/slimy sculpin, smallmouth bass, and longnose dace. Selection of species was determined from the 2007 DARE partenship priority species list. Fish data were collected from the Department of Natural Resources from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois, and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

Predictive models were constructed using natural (ie. elevation, soils) and human influenced landscape (ie. impervious surface, dams) variables at the local and network scales for each target fish species.

A modeling assessment report has been completed and a Decision Support Tool was developed to help practitioners decide where to focus conservation efforts to enhance habitat for trout, smallmouth bass, and other fish species while improving recreational fishing.

If you have questions about the project please contact Louise Mauldin, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service at